That pregnant purpose poised within a private pondering
precipitating on a precious podium of possibility
postulating its personal profundities into a populated privacy
peering past each personified personality into a purchased persona
poking at each philosophical Philistine as a personification of a public failing
pressing each putrid proposition onto these pretty preachers prancing upon their phallic pulpits

"Presto! Presto!" they proclaim
"Privileged persons are we!"

but this purring piston of purpose presses
like a phallic premonition pleasuring
a parceled out public phenomenology

"Privileged persons are we!"
"Privileged persons are we!"

Perhaps each posthumous pardon is a paltry plan to pretend
principles were always principal in our psychology
fully fearing that pregnant purpose poised within each private pondering
like a phallic premonition
ponderous and plodding
powerful and patient

Please, pass out your pamphlets on this prophetic passing
proceed to preempt each problematic pelvic photo
picturing the fallacy propagating in your photogenic philosophy
funding Planned Parenthood flirts the possibility
of presenting your penultimate failure to provide
penultimate failure to produce
penultimate failure to protect

Pensively positing the practicality of a Picket Pence Protection Program

"Privileged persons are we!"
"Privileged persons are we!"

Purchased personas forever protect the primary fallacy of their fertilization
federalization of a phallic pulpit preacher
Picket Pence Protection Program
personally fucking precious public freedoms

"Privileged persons are we!"
"Privileged persons are we!"