This monumental moment was merely a monomer of my morbid monotony.  

Monks mentioned the mastery of mystic mistresses

maybe most magicians meant to be mathematicians  

Masticate on this medicine

Maybe most mathematicians meant to be magicians  

The mystic mistress of my mesclulin madness moves with a memory of my mother's majesty

Masturbate to this mystery

Monkies use manure missiles as messages to the misguided menagerie monitoring their morbid mundanity.

Meanwhile these masturbatory mandibles of the misguided menagerie merely mirror a motley mistake

Monks mentioned the mastery of a mystic mistress

Magicians mentioned the movements of a majestic memory

Mathematicians map the motions of a morose mistake

Make a monument to my mother

Make her moan with the mention of this morbid mundanity

Mistakes were made to be mirrored

The only meaning in monotony is multiplication    

Maybe the only magic was misplaced in memory

Meticulous mothers make magic from monotony

Mentor me in the methods of merrymaking