as if to signal (or signify) a state of being - amicable or amiable - as if avoiding punctuation to avoid breaking anything as if to be polite as if to be shy but this is tangled and tangible in the violence of undoing (becoming original) and silence of doing (lack of attention devoted to process) and process of doing as if growing as if growing pains as if pain not associated (or signifying) breaking but rather growing as if saying render while omitting the word rend as if being left with nothing but the suffix -er as if all that's necessary to assign blame as if as if action is inseparable from blame as in state of being as in being-er as if this is a tangled existence you breathing my air me breathing breathing air (you) pretending there is a sparation between a sigh and a sharp (cut) intake these things are not said but thought as if soft thoughts operate like soft muscles because instincts are not soft because reactions are not soft but we are polite so we say the automatic nature of breathing (stealing air) is a soft action as if - bury your head in my pillow - implied violence can be comforting as if to signal a state of surrender to soft action as if to surrender control (softly) forgetting what it feels to fall (surrender, bury) to sleep (missing object of sentence lounder than clearly stated subject) as if when falling there is no end as if to forget punctuatuion signals a lack of ending as if this is a tangled state as if there is no blame that can be assigned to whispered actions even though a whisper is sharper than a mutter even though our handss are full of suffixes that is to say suffice to say we're all soft and (notnotnot) broken to be polite.