not right
not right not
right not

i'm left

{adjective, followed by a noun}

*indistinct muttering noises off camera right*

something about my mother's
brothers are the one thing that scared me more than

my own reflection;
a language of that foreverever more
(dis)regard(s) my politeness because I just want
suction cup eyelids & a pail full of fear

pail full of fear?
what the fuck does that mean

*indistinct muttering off camera left*

-audio recording of my first word-
-photograph of first sight-

this is neither damnation nor salvation
from the night possibility gives birth to itself

{and the Word was with God}

formlessness is foreverever potential

-form of energy - potential-
give it a name and

bodies found at the bottom of rivers
pockets full of names
pail full of fear?

no - I can't fit the ocean in your eyes
no - I don't want to go swimming

there are leviathans in the sink
&Jonah knocked someone up
skipped town & wrote a book running

belly o- pail full of fear swimming-
belly of the whale