towards a momentary bliss
buy it with our hair
clogging the drain
past lives stimulating a bath
that no one wants to take
follow the blood trail & 

you'll find a monster at the bottom
cette lac du siecle
a lack of cycles
regurgitation of an archetypal
fuck the shit out of Grindel's mother
fall in love with her
but don't tell that to the historians

syncopation of the drips
accidental maestro of the frozen
visage in your hands

distal flamboyances of a paradigm
flouncing from degenerate
symphony of discordant martyrs
hang them by their toes
syncopation of the drip
clogging the drains of this
slaughter house sugar factory

your medicine tastes like a
diluted sense of honor mixed with
percolated dreams of matrimony
waiting at the end of the aisle
Raisin Bran halo & Candy ring