crack your
spinal tap

grey matter running
through vertebral
building blocks

zoom out

astronaut view
interloping voyeurism

Pillars of Creation
Rosetta Stone
foundation for a
Leaning Tower of Babble

in which we're all water
in which we're all
running running running
stone's throw from
skipping town
driven by


a desperate desire to find self fulfillment in a fragile sense of duty that was never really yours to keep much less to take my hand in marriage till the day we die but we've already died to ourselves because we love that pink pink pink skyscraper jutting violently into the fluorescent forever that is our future backbone of a culture ripped out and still dripping from the violence of its birth blood eagle spread eagle eagle has landed patriotic animal thats just trying to get its fuck on cant you see im busy right now 

lover's whip
vibrating in the
space between
black and white

running running running

treadmill landscape of a
dystopian present
Red Queen hypothesis of
germline mutative thoughts
baby on the front porch
mewling mewling mewling
gift wrapped and crying

throw it out with the bathwater
clean conscience &
a fresh shave