with all of the violence of peeling an orange

with all of the tenderness of a new believer

carrot cutter to my skin

call it a celebration of life

stretched tight over the drum of your mouth

call it a funeral for sorrow

sound your yawp into my bones

delicate lullaby that sets me on fire

toast your marshmallows on my raging dreams

tell ghost stories of when we were alive

tell ghost stories of the time we cared

jump out of your skin

and into mine

ghost of a memory of a dream


dreaming of a life never lived

you're kicking in my chest

they say only squids have two hearts

they say

let your ink run through my veins

they say the only antidote

to lead poisoning

is to write until you're dead

ambiguous autopsy of an inconclusive motivation

second heart beating in my chest

ghost stories