an ongoing series attempting to digest and reclaim the effects of passion.

passionateverything as a way of saying “passion is in everything, but passion will consume everything”

reflecting on what is is to be your own downfall, inevitability of failure and the wide spread effects of

a culture of passion grinds down everything

and we are everything

Ok, get this: hot tears, dripping down. Sometimes I cry fat raindrops— the acidic type that isn’t even real rain, but city juices slipping down from the Brooklyn scaffolding, and when they hit you smack in the middle of your forehead you think you may develop supernatural powers—ya. That kind. I cry out of fullness or happiness or starvation or despair. The tears are akin to passion; don’t you know? Neatly packaged droplets of the stuff.
— T
ok so i never really thought about why i get tattoos, any of them really. i guess they’re all just little reminders for different things. yours reminds me why we’re here, which is pretty cool. passion ate everything, everything being distorted because in reality everything is so distorted.
— O