Dystrophy of distribution led to a consensus that the census was sincere bullshit

Dystrophy of dilation forwarded an agenda of fractating forward motion

Dystrophy of dilution caused a coagulation of conflicting consequences.

Sincere motion

Consequential bullshit

An amalgamation of processes that are a postulate pustule of pretty preachers preening for the press

Peacock feathers are just as glamorous on a dead body

Open casket funeral

Crocodile tears from a cornered crowd

Onion toting toga wearing acolytes of an Original Design

Blueprints for the future

Blue in the face from bulbous sermons

This is autoerotic asphyxiation

Dystrophy of desire propagates an unchecked commotion

This is autoerotic assimilation

Sincere motives

Emotive memories of a masturbatury mirror mingle with a minced motivation for empathy

Pathetic pistons pulsate with a phenolic power

Passionate preachers poised on a phallic pulpit

This is autoerotic stimulation